Frameshift (mercede02) wrote in overheardinsf,

Language Barriers

On the 28 headed toward Geary, I overheard an interesting conversation between middle school girls:

Girl 1: *says something in Spanish*

Girl 2: "OMG I didn't know you spoke Chinese!"

Girl 1: "I don't speak Chinese. You are stupid."

Girl 2: "What did you say?"

Girl 1: "I said 'Shut the f*@* up'."

Girl 2: "But that was in not English, right? It was another language?"

Ahh, the future leaders of this country.
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That was sadly a little more intelligent than the things I generally overhear. Although I must say, living in SF, you really should, of all people, know the difference between Chinese and Spanish. Gods, I can even tell Mongolian from Cantonese at this point!
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