fae (razor_dolly) wrote in overheardinsf,

gone postal

this morning in the post office a small angry chinese woman was yelling at the teller because the teller wouldnt accept her letter with chinese stamps on it.

angry woman:  "...well... arent you... interested in seeing postage from other countries?!?!?!!"
teller:  "im sorry mam.  it doesnt work like that here. youll have  to buy some stamps."
angry woman:  "you're rude!!!"
teller:  "mam, i am not rude.  i have a lot of customers that work with me all the time and they think im pleasant."
angry woman:  "they dont know you, youre just a clerk!!"
other (now angry) woman in line:  "shes very nice!!!  i come in here all the time and shes always very nice to me!"
another (also now angry) woman in line:  "yeah!  shes nice!"
angry woman glares at the women in line, and then buys stamps and throws them at the teller leaving her change on the counter and stalking out the door.
teller:  "mam would you like to put the stamps on your letter?"
angry woman:  "thats YOUR job!"

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